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Phillip Duggan

The Rutles (1978) (TV) ... 8.5/10


A random comedy from the Monty Python great, Eric Idle, this film takes us on a trip through the lives of the magnificent Rutles. Dirk, Barry, Stig and Nasty make up this Beatles-esque fab four as we follow them from their humble beginnings to their worldwide success on top of it all. As successful as they were and as similar to the Beatles, it's quite impressive that I haven't head of them before. Despite the constant wondering, it's still a very interesting story, and one which Beatles fans will surely be at least a bit familiar with. But the individual that I really feel the need to praise after this would be Eric Idle. This is probably the former Python's best solo work, excluding of course his wonderful performance as the voice of Wreck-Gar in the 1986 Transformers movie.

While I think all the Pythons were at their best when together Idle does manage to stand well on his own two feet. In part, because of the wonderful material he has to work with from the beginning. His wonderful sense of humor and much of what I love about Monty Python shows through quite a bit. It's not Monty Python so don't expect the same antics as Flying Circus but in the end, it comes together well on its own. It's random and a bit slow and dry at times but it stands as the best feature length Beatles parody with I've ever seen with an actual Beatle and Paul Simon. And The Beatles were just dying to be parodied. As made obvious with George Harrison's cameo part. As well as the rest of the amazingly amusing cast with appearances by Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, and even another Python in Michael Palin

At times I almost wish I knew more about the Beatles than I did because this film gave me one big problem. As I watched I'd notice something with a Beatles connection. And I'd start wondering how far this connection went before they started making fun of it and taking things in their own direction. I spent more time wondering about that than I would have liked, just because they held so closely to the Beatles stuff I've seen in many respects. On the whole this probably made it a batter film but it also nagged at me a bit.

This is one of those things that was amusing to watch but I wouldn't necessarily recommend running out to track down. It was fun and it was a very original idea but as a full movie This is Spinal Tap and others work better. As do most of the Monty Python movies. Though this is definitely the movie for the Beatles and Python obsesses out there� Though the sequel scares me. *Hides*

"In the midst of all this public bickering, "Let it Rot" was released as a film, an album, and a lawsuit. In 1970, Dirk sued Stig, Nasty, and Barry; Barry sued Dirk, Nasty, and Stig; Nasty sued Barry, Dirk, and Stig; and Stig sued himself accidentally. It was the beginning of a golden era for lawyers, but for the Rutles, live on a London rooftop, it was the beginning of the end."
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