Phillip Duggan (sparhawk2k) wrote in celluloidraving,
Phillip Duggan

Bootmen (2000) ... 8.0/10


I went into this film because my friend is truly obsessed with Adam Garcia. I was supposed to get her him on her doorstep for her birthday but failing at that she ended up having to settle for a screening of Bootmen. I couldn't believe this came out the same year as Coyote Ugly. For so many reasons I had just assumed it had come out years earlier and given it the benefit of the doubt while watching it. I thought it was one of his earlier performances or something like that. Coyote Ugly was the only other movie of his I had seen before this and at that point I hadn't really known much about him. I really enjoyed his performance though and looked forward to more from him. But this seemed to pale by comparison and just didn't have nearly as much too it. I'm also not quite sure if it was really him or just the directing or editing. I couldn't really tell but the way some of the scenes got set up and cut in and out seemed to be as much of the problem as anybody else. There was some amazing cinematography, especially in the dancing, but things like the scene in the pool were just too insanely separate from everything else going on and not blended together enough to have the full impact they could have.

But then, we weren't really watching this for a deep, new, or intricate plot, were we? And it's not even worth really going into because there are so many of the random predictable additions every 5 minutes that it doesn't really matter. It's about a small-town steelworker who tries to start his own dance troupe. But again, we were watching this because of the dancing and the star� It's basically a "b" musical in the end. A modern dance musical, but still with the roots in the classics where countless films tried to reproduce the magic Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire brought to the screen. We were sitting there smiling and nodding our heads as they connected the dance numbers and threw in all the drama, but in the end we were there for the dance more than anything. And if that's not going to interest you then this film probably wont either. I'm not saying you need to enjoy any of the classics like Astaire. In all truth, liking those probably has nothing to do with liking these. There are still some of the tap connections between the two but Bootmen takes things in a completely different direction.

Bootmen is a fun, interesting mix of music, dance, romance, comedy, violence, and dreams� And while it didn't quite come together like I hoped it would, there was still a lot to see and something a wide variety of people can enjoy.
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