Phillip Duggan (sparhawk2k) wrote in celluloidraving,
Phillip Duggan

100 Girls (2000) ... 7.0/10


Well, considering how insanely low my expectations were going into this movie it really wasn't that bad. It's really hard to review though. I probably could give it a really horrible review for a few of the completely awful and useless scenes alone. But then I'd have to take it that seriously and I'm not prepared to do that. Looking at it from the completely mindless side of things it doesn't do too badly. I'm never quite sure if it's taking itself seriously and if anybody believes what is coming out of some of these mouths but in the end it didn't really matter. There were some amusing (if disgustingly stereotyped) characters, plenty of random events to keep things going (nowhere), and something of a plot (if less believable than an MGM musical) to tie it all together. Characters were thrown off an on the screen with no regard for anything beyond how they will be used for some greater plan and in the end it gets hard to see the world continuing to turn without our main character. The only other guys you really ever see are nothing but contrast for the hero making him better in our eyes. In reality I found him nothing short of scary. Portraying him as a nice guy seemed like placing two poisons next to each other and giving you the choice of which to take. His criminal behavior, his repeated lack of respect for feelings or privacy, his inability to take responsibility for himself or his actions, as well as half the pseudo-philosophical babble coming out of his mouth was almost enough to send me running more than once.

One thing that I honestly did enjoy about this movie was the way they took a lot of simple things and gave them a real presence on the screen, such as the anti-intimacy shield. And the sound effects were rather off the wall too. Keeping to a similar style they were all over, keeping things lively. They actually seemed to work with the scene much more often than not and with their insane abundance it got to the point where I was wondering if I was going to start expecting a similar treatment in other movies I watch.

As I said earlier, if you don't take this film seriously you may enjoy it. You may also be offended by it. It might have started to bring up some interesting points but in the end, even after their obligatory wrap-up, I wasn't any better off than when I started. I won't recommend this to anybody unless you're just really curious. It's strange and bizarre which can have its own attraction sometimes but unless you're a big Larisa Oleynik fan there really isn't too much of a draw here. Try American Pie if you want some stupid teen comedy.

If you're a cat person, I'll never point out the fact that a dog can save your life from drowning, but a cat can't. I will happily go see chick flicks with you, like "Pride and Prejudice". I'll make a point to trying new food like okra gumbo. I won't curl my nose at vegetables whose awful taste is disguised by having cheese on it.
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